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Sometimes university websites can become stale in look and feel because of the wide range of audience (faculty/staff, current students, alumni, prospective students, etc). The undergraduate admission site is often where contemporary design is localized on a university website. Most of the ‘design-chances’ are taken here due to the age of users admissions is catering to.

The concept behind this site was to have a more youthful appearance and utilize video that I asked our production department to create. I had all of the students who were interviewed for this project simply look at the camera for about 30 seconds. Instead of having a static photo on the homepage, it would be a looping video clip. The idea was based on one of the elements from the Harry Potter movies in which all photographs are animated.

The problem I ran into was duration. In the Harry Potter movies, there’s a finite time the image is in frame.  On a website however, the viewer could have the page open indefinitely;  so the video would repeat… and repeat.  The video clip looked slightly creepy. I personally liked it.

  • CLIENT: UCM Undergraduate Admissions
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Flash Development
  • STATUS: site concept

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