UCM Light Pole Banner

Design for universities is traditionally conservative, or at least smaller public universities in the Midwest. With each new project, I attempt to push the design in a more sophisticated direction. I don’t go totally off-the-wall, but try and design something that the client will accept (if not at first, then after I’ve pitched the idea).

These light pole banners were created to line the streets around campus. I decided to crop and rotate the logos slightly to increase visual interest. In this case, the brand doesn’t need to hit you over the head, because… well, you know you’re on campus.

Being subtle can go a long way. In my opinion, the cropped logo causes visitors to notice the banners more than a traditional centered-logo approach. It shifts the focus from the logo as a whole, and concentrates the eye on specific elements.

  • CLIENT: University of Central Missouri
  • TYPE: Branding & Identity
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design
  • STATUS: client pitch

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