UCM: Season’s Greetings ’09

With the growing popularity of the season’s greetings flash pieces I designed over the last few years, the UCM Foundation was excited to begin this project for the 2009 season. Since it’s launch, (Dec. 7) we have received an influx of generous compliments and inquiries about its design and production. Humbling indeed.

I felt a need to push past the previous design direction, and create something a little more fresh. The animated snow often creates a disconnect when using outdoor photography, so I used this as an opportunity to create a series of juxtaposed campus’ which would end up helping the message of the piece all-the-more. This piece was sent to all alumni, which encompasses numerous generations. Since the UCM campus grows and changes each year, I used this progress as the focus of the piece. The message was “Though we may all remember UCM differently, we can never forget what it has given us.”

The screen shots don’t capture the animation sequencing or masking of elements very well, but the objects in each scene build, then move out. Please see see the link to the right to view the live piece.

  • CLIENT: UCM Foundation
  • TYPE: Motion Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Flash Development
  • LINK: Season's Greetings

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