UCM: You’re Here

The theater piece I created was the first piece I ever designed to be on the big screen. I never considered myself a motion designer, but was up for the challenge. The project consisted of two pieces to run at theaters in the Kansas City area. Knowing exactly which theaters the ads would appear in, was a tremendous advantage.

The piece starts with a ‘self-drawing’ vector map which shows viewers at their exact location. This panned to the location of the University’s Summit Center less than a mile away. I then pulled out to a state map, then world map, closing with the tagline – “UCM: You’re here. So are we.”

I was asked to come to the theater to approve the piece’s debut, which was amazing to see on such a large screen. I didn’t however, stay to watch “High School Musical 3″.

  • CLIENT: University of Central Missouri, Extended Campus
  • TYPE: Motion Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Flash Work
  • LINK: University of Central Missouri

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