Tech Deck

One of the first package designs I completed as a student was for Tech Deck. Tech Deck started as a company that made ‘finger/hand skateboards’ and moved into creating bmx bikes for a similar audience.  I was never very good at playing with the thing, but had a lot of fun creating the package.

My idea was to create a container that could be played with instead of simply discarded.  This package can be used as a full-pipe, or placed on its side and used as a table top, or grinded on around the edge.

I took a piece of 6-inch PVC pipe and some plexi-glass to create the package.  Interior highlights include a 360º panorama picture of a cityscape.

  • CLIENT: Tech Deck [University Project]
  • TYPE: Package Design
  • ROLE: Concept, Design, Construction
  • STATUS: student project

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