UCM: Season’s Greetings ’08

The UCM Foundation came to me to create a digital postcard for an end of year mailing. The point of this was to  create a warm and fuzzy feeling, and wish alumni a happy new year. It was important to avoid appearing that its purpose was to seek donations, though that functionality was built in as well. I also created a ‘forward to a friend’ button so alumni could pass the piece along to other friends, which I, of course captured in a database.

The look and feel was tricky. I wanted to use the animated snow, but felt there was a disconnect when it was placed in front of a photograph.  I solved this issue by using live trace in Adobe Illustrator to give it a more illustrative effect.  This also allowed me to make the dreary sky of a few of the frames more vibrant.

Useless Trivia: This piece won a Grand Gold Award at the national CASE Conference.

  • CLIENT: UCM Foundation
  • TYPE: Motion Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Flash Development
  • LINK: Season's Greetings

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