MYEQ 2.0

MYEQ is Equinox’s online member app. Once logged in, you can view class schedules, book a bike for studio cycling, track your workout progress, set goals and tons of other functions. I redesigning the iPhone and iPad interfaces for the mobile versions of this app. The mobile version allows for even greater functionality such as a social media component to share with friends, or setting a favorite club, instructor or workout. Not every piece of this app was being redesigned, so I had to be sensitive to the visual aesthetic that previously existed so I didn’t create Frankenstein’s Monster. While I boosted the visual sophistication, it still fit well with the previously designed screens.
Notable updates: new icons including a live calendar icon that excited everyone. Interesting that such a simple change created so much impact. Also a redesigned goal progress bar which improved the readability while looking much sexier than before.

  • CLIENT: Equinox (in-house)
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design
  • STATUS: Live

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