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L3 is a peer-to-peer global leadership network for corporate executives 45 years old and older. Members must the senior most paid executive of an organization of at least 60 full-time employees or as a proven leader of an organization, who has significantly inspired others through management skills.
The organization was undergoing a re-brand, in which one of the components was their online presence. I was contacted to provide a mock-up of two pages, the homepage and an interior page. These mock-ups made nice use of whitespace, which I felt was important for the audience. The background would scale with the browser size, and a horizon line was near the bottom of the screen.

I was pleased with how they turned out, and the company that hired me to create the concepts loved them; however, they couldn’t persuade the board to go in this direction. I wish I could have presented these concepts in person. Live and learn.

  • CLIENT: L3
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design
  • STATUS: site concept
  • LINK: L3 Website

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