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This was the first time I ever “up-sold” a client (is that a word?). The school board in Knob Noster, MO called me to create a graphic for the new artificial turf football field that had recently approved. All they asked for was an end-zone graphic and yard markers.

After looking at numerous other football fields, I noticed the fields that really stood out had mascots or logos at the 50 yard line, and accent marks in other areas. I saw this as an opportunity for them to really outshine other teams in their conference.  They liked the idea, however, they had no standard logo. In fact, the Knob Noster Panthers had 3-4 iterations of  ‘panthers’ grabbed from various sources. My suggestion was to create a new identity for their sports teams that could be used on fields,  uniforms,  signage, online, and everywhere else.

For the next few weeks I researched and drew panthers trying to find the best pose, expression and level of detail. After a few rounds of revisions and meetings with the board, this is the result. I provided a standards guide to help ensure that the logo looked its best in multiple applications.

The school board, district and community all rallied behind the logo and started to implement the new marks everywhere; from the football field to coffee mugs. One of the faculty purchased custom car seat-covers with the logo on them as a Christmas gift.

I was honored to be asked to attend the field dedication ceremony where I helped pull the tarp back to unveil the new logo and field to the public.

  • CLIENT: Knob Noster School district
  • TYPE: Branding & Identity
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design
  • STATUS: in-use, more images coming soon

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