Kansas City Ballet

This brochure was completed for a Publication Design. The Kansas City Ballet was nice enough to provide photography as well as their logo and standards document, so we could maintain the high quality design work they had already established. There were no limitations on this project; dimensions, paper, and number of colors were up to each student designer. Many of the photographs provided were in back and white, so in order to maintain a unity, I left the imagery as-is, and treated  the headings graphically for each section.

Useless Trivia: Three years later I would teach this course and hand out an updated version of this project to my students. So that students’ project’s are not inadvertantely influenced,¬† I never show my work until after a project has been completed.

  • CLIENT: Kansas City Ballet [University Project]
  • TYPE: Print Design
  • ROLE: Concept, Design
  • STATUS: student project

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