Gelbach Manor

Gelbach Manor is a bed and breakfast located in Warrensburg, MO. They hired me to update their web presence and create something that was more user friendly for updates. This was the first website I created using Textpattern as the content management system.

They needed galleries of each room, as well as a featured gallery showing off all Gelbach Manor has to offer. A professional photographer, and friend of mine, Brian Goodman, was hired to shoot the home and grounds, which really set the site apart from a typical bed and breakfast website.

The galleries were put together using Slideshow Pro, allowing the client to update photos as needed.  I added a dynamic comment/testimonial page that guests can fill out, which, upon approval rotate throughout the site.

  • CLIENT: Gelbach Manor
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Design, XHTML Development, Flash Development

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