One of the first projects I was tasked with when I joined Equinox in 2010 was the “Online Sales Project”. Equinox needed to implement online sales in a way that conveyed the sophistication and luxury feel of the brand. We worked tirelessly to marry functionality with aesthetics to provide an equally exceptional online experience that Equinox delivers to its members.
A project of this size and complexity is never a one-person show; it truly was an exercise in teamwork, cooperation, communication and fortitude. Our internal Equinox Online Sales team including Sales, Creative, Marketing, IT and consultants worked with Code and Theory to architect, design, develop and launch this fantastic example of form following function. A large number of fantastic professionals really stepped up to help deliver this project on time – The Executive Creative Director, Bianca Kosoy; CMO, Cie Nicholson and Ryan Forbes Photography just to name a few. As the Art Director on this project, I worked constantly with the the agencies, editorial staff, sales and development teams to ensure that every element of the project looked and functioned exactly as we designed it.

  • CLIENT: Equinox (in-house)
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction
  • STATUS: Live
  • LINK: equinox.com

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