Equinox.com Banner Ads

This year’s campaign was brought in-house. It was a long process with a ton of moving parts, but I think the entire organization saw this as a huge win for the Marketing Team as a whole, so we were really excited to tackle the project. We needed ad banners to place on various websites that created campaign awareness. If you’re like me, unless an ad is exceptional or unique in some way, most of the time I tune ads out. We are continuously bombarded by ads so much that the simply become background clutter that gets in the way of the information we’re trying to get. I wanted to approach this differently. Shot by Terry Richardson, these provocative image show how Equinox empowers every part of your life.
Often we have multiple ad placements on a single site, so I wanted the ads to work together instead of simply coming up with multiple stand-alone ads in different orientations. These tandem ads serve as a single canvas, to tell the story. I wanted the ad to interact with the content on the page, instead of becoming a road block for the information.

  • CLIENT: Equinox (in-house)
  • TYPE: Web Design
  • ROLE: Art Direction, Design
  • STATUS: Live

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