Dillinger Four vs. God

When a booklet project came up in Package Design, I jumped at the chance of building something for my favorite album of the time; Dillinger Four vs. God. Knowing the lyrics, style of music, ideals of the songwriters and having a penchant for inappropriate hand gestures, I went to work. I entered the shop armed with Masonite, a spring and some finish nails. The idea was to make a book without the traditional spine. A piece of vellum was placed between the pages with a corresponding hand gesture (that Scott Kaufman and I shot ourselves). Flipping the book revealed upside-down hand gestures, adding another element of interest. This has been extremely difficult to photograph effectively for the portfolio. I hope you get the idea of how it functions.

  • CLIENT: Dillinger Four [University Project]
  • TYPE: Package Design
  • ROLE: Concept, Design, Construction
  • STATUS: student project

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