New Work Added!

I hadn’t updated the portfolio section for some time, so I decided to take a few moments and add some new work. As I am currently in the job hunt in NYC I wanted to add a few interactive pieces (as I’m an Interactive Art Director) and explain a little about them. My hopes is that a fantastic agency will see the range of my work and start sending piles of cash to my bank account… well, anyway, moving along.

Added, are new HTML email projects, a Flash microsite (this piece won a few awards), as well as street light banner concepts that I felt were very effective in communication using simplicity and proportion.

I plan on adding a few more new pieces yet this week, as well as updating the current campaign entries to add more depth to the projects.

In creating the “I am UCM Confident” campaign, there were a number of elements initially created that showed promise, but were not used in the final campaign. I don’t feel like these should be hidden from view, but shown here with some background info. Maybe I can provide insight on why they weren’t chosen, and outline some of the steps in creating a campaign. I look forward to your comments.

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