Get Ready NYC…

Well, it finally happened. My wife and I got an apartment in New York. We will be residents of Brooklyn (Park Slope) beginning next week. We are excited! Next step – employment. C’mon agencies! – give me a call, or email…

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2 Responses to “Get Ready NYC…”

  1. Joe Wilper says, or rather, writes:

    Trent, that’s amazing! Congratulations! Let me know if you guys need any help and if time allows, I’d love to have dinner with you guys one last time before you leave.

  2. Scott K. says, or rather, writes:

    T., this is very exciting news! Congratulations on getting your apartment! If you and Holly need a place to stay on the way, or if you just want to drop in on your way to the Big Apple, just let us know. Excellent, excellent news!